Monday, January 9, 2012

 Things Beautiful...This vintage Christmas centerpiece was  a gathering of white, silver, and aqua decorations collected over the years, but never arranged in just this way before. Mercury glass candlesticks and pine trees added a silvery gleam, the Bethany Lowe white and blue houses sparkled with white glitter, white bottle brush trees added to the landscape.

 A tall silver feather tree decorated with aqua beads and silver ornaments glittered next to a lower white feather tree on the opposite side. Snowmen clowns juggled stars, and blue paper Hydrangea cones trees added a touch of blue. It was fun to sit at the table and view the scene at eye level and savor the details throughout the meal, not just in passing, as is often the case with a Christmas tree.
 On the sideboard of the breakfront a larger pink house stood surrounded by white bottle brush trees and enjoying a visit from a pink vintage Santa coming around the corner.
 The buffet was decorated with apothecary jars filled with blue balls and snow, another with silver glittery balls, and the tops were tied with a variety of aqua and turquoise ribbons.
 More jars were filled with blue glittery pine cone ornaments, silver mercury glass balls, and shiny silver balls. The silver, aqua, and kiwi origami balls were made by the children.
Things Useful...the apothecary jars are stored on the top of the breakfront when not being used and look pretty up there in a grouping. They can be filled with things relating to the various seasons. The other decorations are stored in banker's boxes on shelves in the basement, and are labeled by COLOR...white, silver, blue, Bethany Lowe houses, Bethany Lowe snowmen, etc. Last year the table was done in white, silver, and gold and I pulled out those boxes. Next year I may do white, silver, and red and have quite a different look with basically the same decorations. I wind the ribbon in rolls and tie new bows every year, pressing the ribbon with a curling iron if necessary to remove wrinkles.

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  1. It's all very lovely, Becky. I appreciate your visits and kind words. Congratulations and very best wishes on your brand new venture into Blogland! I know lots of people will be inspired by your creative endeavors!