Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentine's Day Table

Valentines is one of my favorite holidays ...I love to use the theme of hearts and the color RED.

I wanted to begin with three cupids I had found last summer ...which set the theme as more formal than informal...

and used the large white feather tree and the two smaller silver ones from the Christmas centerpiece, but decorated them with hearts and silver beads from Bethany Lowe.

Various sizes of Mercury Glass candlesticks were a good investment, because they go well with any holiday, and also move from formal to informal settings easily.

This year I added red goblets which bring the color up from the place setting to meet the centerpiece.

I wanted to use my mother's beautiful lace tablecloth, but I didn't want the children to eat on it and risk spots, so I ruffled it up as a runner down the middle of the table over a washable white tablecloth, and added glass hearts, glittery red balls, and Victorian valentines.

Another versatile accent are the low vases of waxy preserved roses that go with so many different themes. Silver glitter birds can be used at Christmas or in the spring and the battery lit column candles also can be used any season.

Something new was the ruffly Valentine's Wreath I made at a class from doilies and coffee filters.

The bow is tied on with a ribbon rather than glued, so I can remove it and make one with more green, maybe a little yellow or blue with the pink and change the wreath to an Easter theme.

In the hallway there is a black granite buffet, on which I put lanterns and apothecary jars that were filled with red accents...red glass balls, red beaded grapes, and red and purple balls with a Victorian valentine.  Different types of red ribbon top the jars and the lanterns. Jars and lanterns can be changed to fit any color scheme and season.

I love the look of candy in these jars as well, or pine cones, lemons, or artichokes depending on the season.

I have often used these large red glitter hearts on the six arms of my chandelier, but this year they were tied to the jars and kept the crystal snowflakes and silver glitter crowns from Christmas.

Small book paper cones decorated with red tinsel and red and silver hearts from Bethany Lowe can decorate the feather trees or the jars and lanterns to tie them together.

On the buffet in the dining room there are two candlestick lamps with black shades...these dress up with ribbons to match the holiday, and pair with other collections of silver or crystal candlesticks for other holidays.

A great variety of red and white ribbons were fun to collect and can be used year after year. They are wire edged and can be rolled to store in a small space from year to year. I love that the candles can be set to go on at the same time each evening and turn off themselves.

This is basically the same centerpiece as Christmas, but the accents were changed from blue to red, and this makes storage easier. I try to find basic elements that I can use in any season by changing the details...Practical and Beautiful.

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  1. Where did you find your cupids? I just love the whole dinner setting, but the cupids are a rare find.